My first dive into digital literacy class!

Thanks for joining me!

I wouldn’t consider myself a complete ‘noob’ when it comes to digital literacy, but I can tell you I’ve only just began to dip my callused foot into the murky waters of the topic. Please join me through my educational journey on digital literacy, and hopefully we’ll both learn our fair share along the ride!

Week 1

Our first week has been a thorough dive into the realm of digital literacy. So far we have delved into the topics of building an online identity, how understanding online news sources comes from knowledge already acquired and should be heavily scrutinized, how people take different types of selfies around the world and so much more!

As I reflect on the readings, I have to say that building an online identity is much more nuanced than I previously imagined. First off, creating online personas is nothing new to me. I can remember the days of Myspace and picking a super-sweet background that would put everyone on my ‘top 8’ to shame. My bio was always hilarious, my profile song was #lit (Dead Milkmen’s Stuart, in case you were wondering), and Tom totally always had my back. With that said – whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – I never put much thought into how I actually presented myself online.
An interesting point made in the readings was that we should be consistent in how we present ourselves in all digital spaces. Although this can be a fluid, and ever-changing process; we should try to come up with a similar font, theme, bio, and style throughout all platforms. I know we’re all super ‘punk rock’ and all, but if we can step out of the ‘screw corporate America’ thought process and think of ourselves as a brand, we can see how brands are successful in keeping their image consistent throughout all mediums. Personally, I understand how this could help if we were to be involved in an online business, but the author suggests we should stay consistent in all walks of digital life. I don’t personally see any need to think this closely about my online persona unless I was trying to impress potential employers, but I guess it’s worth keeping your persona clean, consistent, and to the point if you’re on the job hunt.
Another fun read was on how people take selfies differently around the world. I won’t go in as much detail about this story, but it turns out people in Bangkok and Sau Paulo tend to smile more than people in Moscow. Also, there’s 4.6 times more females than males that take selfies in Moscow. You have to wonder if super masculine stereotypes are being reinforced with the lack of male selfies, and if the political climate keeps Moscow residents from smiling as much as their counterparts in Bangkok.
That’s it for my first update, but rest assured there will be more in-depth reporting on my journey though digital literacy education.


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